Jun 22, 2021

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Who Will Get the First Kusama Parachain Slot

On June 15, Kusama officially announced the launch of the first parachain slot auction. The first slot auction will officially end on June 22, and the first slot winner will be selected on the same day. Four more slot auctions will be held within the next four weeks according to the first slot auction. A total of five projects will successfully bid for Kusama parachain slots, and the whole cycle will continue until late July.

By June 17, 12 projects have participated in Crowdloan, and more than 660 thousand KSM Tokens have been pledged in several parachain projects. Meanwhile, as Kusama officially announced its first parachain slot auction on June 15, Karura, the Kusama parachain project of Acala Network, and Crust Shadow, the Kusama parachain project of Crust Network, are currently competing for the first parachain slot.

According to the data of Crowdloan, the top five projects with highest KSM pledge volume are Karura (Acala), Moonriver (Moonbeam), Shiden (Plasm), Bifrost and Khala (Phala).

HappyBlock has launched the series of reports “Happy Kusama”, sorting out the reward schemes and token information of more than ten popular Kusama parachain slot auctions. Thus, more market investors can have a better understanding of parachain participating projects, and make better “investment choices” for their own KSM.

Happy Kusama

1. Karura(Acala)

Karura Network is Kusama’s one-stop DeFi service center. Founded by the Acala foundation, Karura is a network with scalability, EVM compatibility and customized for DeFi, bringing users a series of out of the box financial applications.

Karura’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction :

Official Website:https://acala.network/karura

2. Moonriver(Moonbeam)

Moonriver is designed to support Kusama network as the supporting network of Moonbeam. The new code and applications of Moonbeam ecosystem will first run on Moonriver and be tested and verified under actual economic conditions. Once verified, the same code will be sent to Moonbeam on the Polkadot network.

Moonriver’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction:

Official Website:https://moonbeam.network/networks/moonriver/

3. Shiden(Plasm)

Shiden Network is a multi-chain decentralized application platform based on Kusama. Shiden Network supports the expansion solutions of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), WebAssembly and Layer2. Meanwhile, Shiden also supports a variety of applications including DeFi and NFT.

Shiden’s scheme for Kusama parallel chain slot auction:

Official Website:https://shiden.plasmnet.io/

4. Bifrost

Bifrost is the basic DeFi protocol of Polka ecosystem, which aims to be infrastructures providing liquidity for pledged assets. It has so far launched SALP (Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol), a protocol that releases the liquidity of KSM/DOT locked in parachain crowdloan by generating derivatives vsToken.

Bifrost’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction:

Official Website:https://bifrost.finance/

5. Khala(Phala)

Phala Network is a privacy computing infrastructure without need of permission and trust. Phala is built on the basis of Substrate, which provides computing power equivalent to existing cloud services and protects the privacy of hosted programs. Khala is Phala’s DeFi parachain launched on Kusama and participates in the auction of Kusama slots.

Khala’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction:

Official Website:https://phala.network/en/khala

6. Crust Shadow(Crust)

Crust Network provides a decentralized storage network of Web3 ecosystem, supports multiple storage layer protocols including IPFS, and provides interface for application layer. As a bridge using Kusama parachain resources, Crust Shadow functions to be responsible for information exchange between Kusama parachain and Crust Network. Crust has issued the first batch of Kusama slot auction awards on June 16, with a total of 322.73 CRU and 64546.18 CSM token awards.

Crust Shadow’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction:

Official Website:https://www.crust.network/

7. Genshiro(Equilibrium)

Genshiro for Equilibrium is the same as Kusama for Polkadot. Genshiro is Equilibrium’s DeFi parachain launched on Kusama and participated in Kusama’s parachain slot auction. Equilibrium is a decentralized product that supports the mortgage of multi-chain assets to generate US-dollar-stable currency. It is the first DeFi cross-chain digital asset market that combines the functions of transaction, credit lending and synthetic assets.

Genshiro’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction:

Official Website:https://genshiro.equilibrium.io/

8. SherpaX(ChainX)

Sherpax is the pioneer network of ChainX with the characteristics of experiment, authenticity and independent existence, and will continue to run under the maintenance of the community. ChainX is a decentralized cross-chain trading platform. Any user can competitively submit cross-chain data to each asset chain light node in ChainX, which will get the optimal chain and effective cross-chain transaction according to the consensus algorithm of the original chain.

Sherpax’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction:

Official Website:https://www.chainx.org/

9. Darwinia Crab(Darwinia)

Darwinia Crab is the pioneer network of Darwinia Network, a cross-chain NFT chain of Polka ecosystem and provides smart contract solutions. Darwinia Crab network is mainly used to provide an advanced simulation environment for Darwinia upgrade and application deployment. Darwinia Network is a decentralized bridge network based on Substrate, which can realize the asset cross-chain and general remote chain transfers among Polka, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and other heterogeneous chains.

Darwinia Crab’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction:

Official Website:https://darwinia.network/

10. Sakura(Clover)

Sakura and Clover, as sister networks, can interact across chains on Kusama and Polkadot to build a complete basic layer for cross-chain FeFi applications. Clover is a parachain project of Polkadot based on Substrate, which aims to create a one-stop comprehensive infrastructure platform that is easy to operate and reduces the threshold and cost of developers.

Sakura’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction:

Official Website:https://clover.finance/sakura

11. Altair(Centrifuge)

Altair is one of the fastest spinning stars in the galaxy, and is also the bridge from Centrifuge to Kusama. You will now be able to tokenize real-world assets and finance them on the Kusama network. Centrifuge bridges real-world assets into DeFi to bring down the cost of capital for SMEs and provide DeFi investors with a stable source of yield uncorrelated from volatile crypto assets.

Altair’s scheme for Kusama parachain slot auction:

Official Website:https://centrifuge.io/altair/

After the 5.19 dump, the “ice age” market needed “a wisp of spring breeze” to boost confidence. Since the formal launch of Kusama parachain slot auction, investors have focused not only on which project would win the top of parachains, but also on the whole market and whether the rising trend could be restarted. So, can the script that investors want go smoothly?This answer may be announced by the market during the parachain auction, let us wait and see~