Projects Info Summary (01.01–01.08)


1/ Wootrade reached a partnership with BitZ exchange, and the token WOO is listed on BitZ.

2/ Loopering now supported WOO/USDT liquidity mining pool, where holders of the WOO token can provide liquidity to earn 60% revenue. WOO is also one of the first tokens to go live on the Loopering V2 protocol.

3/ The node staking program “Zealous Rhino” has staked 24,000,000+ WOO tokens, worth over $600,000.

Staking Address: 0x4691937a750860f876c9c0a2a617e7d9e945d4b


Mask Network

1/ Mask Network launches the new feature — ITO (Initial Twitter Offering). Using the Mask Network plugin tool, which allows users to fund projects directly through the Twitter platform.

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1/ On January 7, 2021, the online event titled “The Present is DeFi & DAO” hosted by Bitfwd, Collider Labs, and Huobi was successfully held. Suji Yan, Founder and CEO of Mask Network, become a guest & speaker at this event.

1/ Mask Network has announced an official partnership with Transak, a fiat and crypto payment supported by ConsenSys. The new version of Mask Network integrated Transak has been tested by users since the beginning of December 2020.


The Sandbox

1/ Up to January 5, The liquidity mining pool of The Sandbox has locked over $2,300,000 assets, and users could reward more SAND token and NFT assets.

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2/ The Sandbox has released the 2020 Year in Review article, reviewing works of The Sandbox in 2020 including:
— The token sale of LAND and the NFT charity auction.
— The public offering of SAND tokens.
— Listed on Binance exchange.
— Updates to the VoxEdit product and more.

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3/ The VoxEdit Beta update to version 8.

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1/ The first VoxEdit China Creative Competition, hosted by The Sandbox and co-sponsored by HappyBlock, starts the voting step until January 13.


2/ The education campaign supported by The Sandbox and CoinMarketCap is ongoing. Users can learn and study the knowledge of The Sandbox and complete the quiz questions to earn SAND token rewards.


1/ The Sandbox launched a partnership with NFT investor Polyient Games to introduce SAND tokens into Polyient DEX.


Phala Network

1/ Phala Network released the 2020 Phala Community Report, which describes the work of Phala in community building and the other in 2020.

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2/ HappyBlock released Overview of Recent Top Events in the Polkadot Ecosystem, Phala Network is included in it.

3/ Phala co-founder & CEO Tong Lin and Crust, TrustBase and other Polkadot ecosystem projects were guests of 499Block Community to introduce views about Polkadot Parachain.

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4. HappyBlock published Overview of Projects Participating Polkadot Parachain Slots Auction, introduced Phala Network’s plans and preparation for participate in Polkadot and Kusama parachain auctions.

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1/ The first phase of the Phala Network Vendetta test network was successfully concluded on January 1:
— The 1605 Race ended with 1,357 computing nodes and network computing power reach 445,860.
— GK Workshop ended with 13 gatekeepers to guard and provide quality information services for new users to the community.
— The Phala Bounty Program had 28 participants who completed 55 missions.
— Based on the Vendetta Test Network campaign, Phala fixed the bugs that participants collected during the campaign.

1/ Professional Diversity Network, a NASDAQ-listed company, announced a strategic partnership with Phala Network on the official blog.



1/ AKRO and ADEL rewards will have some adjustments specific to the pool. The ADEL rewards will remain the same and the AKRO rewards will increase. Specific information regarding compensation for the hack and the ratio of AKRO to ADEL swap will be released in approximately 2 weeks.

2/ ADEL rewards will be allocated only to Delphi V1 Curve pools, ADEL / ETH Uniswap Liquidity Provider, and users staked ADEL. AKRO rewards will be allocated only to LP of AKRO / USDC and AKRO / wETH Uniswap, and users staked AKRO.

3/ Complete the fixes and final review of Delphi V1 before the community can independently take control of the product through the ADEL snapshot page.

4/ For community members who wish to use Delphi V1 and ADEL as their own product/community development, additional ADEL snapshot pages will be launched by the team as soon as possible.

5/ HappyBlock released Overview of Recent Top Events in the Polkadot Ecosystem, Acropolis is included in it.



1/ Litentry and OpenSquare have reached the cooperation for the first time to integrate the OpenSquare credit algorithm into the Litentry algorithm library. OpenSquare is an application-based blockchain developed on Substrate that focuses on decentralized collaboration.

2/ Litentry has a partnership with Crust Network, which will integrate Crust distributed storage protocol and allow users to access and use Crust decentralized storage network directly on the Litentry network.


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