Project Information Summary(11.21–11.27



1/ Bradley Kam, the co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, participates in the latest “Follow the White Rabbit” Podcast.

2/ Users can get OXT tokens through the Earn Campaign hold by CoinMarketCap. For now, CoinMarketCap has cooperated with Orchid, and Orchid has become a member of the “Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto” program.


1/ The number of followers of Orchid official Twitter now over 50,000.

Official website:



1/ RenrenBit wallet is added Woo/USDT trade pair and got liquidity through API access from Wootrade platform. Regarding the market depth, RenrenBit will have further cooperation with Wootrade.

2/ The BitMax exchange is added Woo token trade pair and will have strategic cooperation with Wootrade in liquidity management. The BitMax also become an institution node of the Zealous Rhinos stake project launched by Wootrade.

3/ Debank, the integrated defi asset wallet, now support the WOO token.


1/ The Defi DEX, the DODO, has a strategic partnership with Wootrade, to discover the optimization scheme of liquidity on-chain, improving UX of DEX, and reduce the slippage of block trading.

Official website:

Mask Network


1/ Mask Network launched an article written by Orange Paper and translated by the Mask Network team on Medium “Jack Dorsey Had a Dream: From Electronic Money to Social Networks”. This article focus on Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s vision of the functionality of existing social platforms through the electronic money mechanism.


Official website:

The Sandbox


1/ The Sandbox is raising liquidity mining. Currently, Sandbox liquidity mining is in the third stage. The miners will receive a total of 3 million SAND tokens from December this year to January next year. In the next phase (4th Stage), the team will add additional NFT as one of the liquidity mining rewards based on community feedback.

2/ The Sandbox was mentioned in Dappradar’s Nov. report. The main contents of it include The impact of hot events of The Sandbox project on The number and transaction volume of active wallets and The analysis of The impact of LAND presale event to the Sandbox.


3/ A new game trailer of “Hack the Tao”, a game developed by the Sandbox and co-designed by crypto artist Hacktao, has been released.


1/ From Oct. 30 to Nov. 28, The Sandbox team launched The Game Jam event, The main purpose of it is to incentivize users to interact with Sandbox Game makers and encouraging users to implement outstanding ideas in Metauniverse. The second Game Jam event is underway with the theme of “Spook Season”. Participating users will have the opportunity to gain more than 50,000 SAND tokens.


2/ The Sandbox Community now launched a bounty program. Start from this week, Sandbox’s community members will be able to retweet project-specific tweets and participate in a weekly $25,000 airdrop reward during the next four weeks.


3/ Sandbox held the first VoxEdit Contest in China. This event will provide voxEdit training, including VoxEdit usage, NFT character creation, and creative thinking sharing, etc.


4/ From November 23 to December 4, The Sandbox co-op with BitMart exchange conducted SAND deposit & trading Thanksgiving festival.


1/ The Sandbox has reached a partnership with HappyBlock, an integrated blockchain marketing company, and will conduct in-depth cooperation in marketing, event promotion, and other aspects.


Phala Network


1/ Phala Network held “1605 Miners Race” on testnet Vendetta

Phala’s testnet Vendetta is going live recently. To test the Phala network’s access process and limit of the transaction, the project team launched the “1605 Miners Race” to encourage more miners to access their configuration and win to divided the 800,000 PHA rewards.

2/ GKOL Workshop.

GK (Gatekeeper) is important and responsible for Phala Network to mining blocks, managing keystores, etc. In this event, 21 gatekeepers will be selected to strengthen the community construction of the Phala and make contributions, with a total reward of 100,000 PHA tokens.

3/ Rewards for Phala Co-builder

Phala offers a 30 days Phala Ecosystem Builder Bounty Program for community members who do not belong to miners or nodes to encourage community members to participate in the Phala Network.

4/ Vendetta Bug Bounty Program

Phala will hold a long-term Bug testing bounty program on Vendetta Testnet to encourage community users to maintain the Phala network.

Participating in the above event:



Tech Development

1/ The development of three verification modules of Email, Twitter, and Riot is completed.

2/ RESTful APIs simple authorization is completed.

3/ Accessing in Polkadot and Ethereum user identity. Users can use Litentry ID to manage identity unified.

4/ Added Ethereum signature authorization and examination, preliminarily defined user signature data content and implementation.

5/ The Oracle integrates the Etherscan API of the Etherscan to implement the query of account assets.


1/ Litentry published an article: “how to Vote for Litentry Council”. Litentry’s founders are taking part in a selection of Polkadot Council members, the above article will help users in the community vote for Litentry.


Sharing expertise. Building a relationship. We intend to provide you a better experience in the crypto market.

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Sharing expertise. Building a relationship. We intend to provide you a better experience in the crypto market.

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