Project Information Summary(10.26–11.2)

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Project Activities:

1/ On October 26, Neeraj Khandelwal, co-founder of CoinDCX, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, visited the orchid agreement’s “Follow The White Rabbit” radio program to discuss all aspects of India’s financial review system;

2/ On October 29, Cointelegraph reporter Felipe Erazo visited the orchid agreement’s “Follow The White Rabbit” radio program to discuss economic freedom in Latin America.

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Token Listing:

1/ On November 2, $AKRO launched the Binance Innovation Zone, opening AKRO / BTC and AKRO /USDT trading pairs;

2/ AKRO was launched on October 29 on the CEX.IO Trading platform.

Project cooperation:

1/ On October 29, Akropolis and Zerion reached a cooperation to integrate $AKRO and $ADEL on the Zerion platform, so that users can trade directly from the Zerion;

2/ Argent, the partner of Akropolis, launched new functions to realize the trading of AKRO tokens by just one click;

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Phala Network

Project progress:

1/ PoC3 is in the process of integration test, and the internal test infrastructure is well deployed; PoC3 Docker preview version is online;

2/ The XCM integration preparation of custom asset confidentiality contract is nearly completed;

Project activities:

1/ Shanghai blockchain week activities. Phala project and team members delivered wonderful speeches at the round table activities and lectures such as IOSG、Cointelegraph、WEB3 training camp, Boca night, etc;

2/ On November 2, Phala CEO and Phala community director will hold a bi-weekly AMA activity in the Phala community to answer the community’s questions about Phala;

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Mirror World Network

Project progress:

MW network reset follow-up announcement.

Since the reset started on October 12, the MW project team has carried out a lot of technical tests and upgrades. The function of v0.0.5 has been basically coded. Next, the MW project team will adjust the weight of the economic model and the POC scoring mechanism.

Optimized economic model:

a) In order to make the network more stable and robust, the proportion of mortgage weight in the POC scoring mechanism is increased and the node score is reduced;

b) In order to make the dynamic storage capacity stable and practical, the minimum requirement of network access is limited, and the hard disk space is adjusted from 1T to 8T;

Project activities:

1) Howard Feng, the founder of MW, joined hands with Niucoin circle to carry out “MW new sail” AMA;

2) MW was invited to attend the Shanghai IPFS Ecological & Storage technology exchange reception;

3) On October 30, the official Weibo of MW released the welfare activities of an airdrop for Halloween.

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Project progress:

1/ On October 29, the Wootrade token WOO was placed in MXC/ and the joint purchase was completed;

2/ On October 30, Huobi Global launched the first Wootrade token $WOO, and launched the triple coin earning activity of “Top-up &Position & New”.

Project cooperation:

1/ The official announcement of Wootrade has reached strategic cooperation with, DODO, MXC, HOO, BitMart, a total of five decentralized and centralized exchanges, and will actively carry out cooperation in transaction, marketing and other aspects.

2/ On October 29, Wootrade officially announced the launch of Huobi Global, and will cooperate with Huobi in various aspects.

Project activities:

AMA series activities in the week:

1/ On October 30, Ran Yi , COO of Wootrade project visited Huobi for online AMA activities;

2/ On October 29, Ran Yi , COO of Wootrade project visited BitMart for online AMA activities;

3/ On October 29, Jack Tan, co-founder of Wootrade project, visited MXC exchange for online AMA activities;

4/ On October 29, Jack Tan, co-founder of the Wootrade project, visited for online AMA activities;

5/ On October 27, NEAL, commercial director of Wootrade project, visited Grenda for online AMA activities;

6/ On October 27, Jack Tan and Ran Yi visited Unfolded for AMA activities;

7/ On October 27, Ran Yi visited HOO exchange for AMA activities.

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Mask Network

Project trends:

1/ An article was published on named “the decentralized world of users on Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social networks”, and added the Maskbook product app to the platform;

2/ Mask Network updates product features. Users can upload files directly from the mobile phone to the storage space of Arweave (v1.17.2 is supported on IOS and Android)

Project activities:

1) On October 29, Suji Yan, founder and CEO of Mask Network, delivered a speech on the theme “promised land to better Internet” at the Web3 summit of Shanghai blockchain week.

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