Project Info Summary(12.05–12.11)


1/ Wootrade has entered into a strategic partnership with the BitZ exchange, which will have in-depth cooperation in areas such as trading liquidity management.

2/ Wootrade will provide users with verifiable on-chain transaction history service through the Chainlink Oracle.

3/ Wootrade has a strategic partnership with the CoinEx exchange ,and listed on CoinEx.

4/ The WOO Token is listed on BitAsset Exchange

1/ The number of Wootrade’s official Twitter followers over 10,000.


Mask Network

1/ Mask Network application was upgraded to v1.20+, fixing several bugs and providing better UX.

2/ New version of Mask Network is online. The new version adds new features: more transaction information, fiat currency exchange and the ability to trade directly in the DEX of 0x protocol, etc.

The Sandbox

1/ The Sandbox Foundation currently supports 17 projects including SAND RUSH, and will be launching new GameJam prizes along with BIGGER in the next Game Maker v0.4 beta, as well as distributing LANDS rewards to the best games in GameJams and Gallery.

2/ December 11, The Sandbox LAND pre-sale round 4.3 launch, this pre-sale will provide 2,400 pieces of quality The Smurf LANDS, specific pre-sale details is:

3/ The Sandbox token SAND is listed on the MaiCoin exchange, and the SAND token pledge reward campaign is began.

1/ The Sandbox has collaborated with CoinMarketCap to launch the first educational campaign for NFT-type projects on CMC.

2/ The Sandbox held the first VoxEdit Creation Competition. This competition provided a training course before its start, including how to use VoxEdit, how to create an NFT person, and sharing creativity with others.



Phala Network

1/ On December 7th, Phala’s Chief Developer & Co-Founder, Hang Yin, taught Confidential Smart Contracts at Decoded Hackathon — how to build a Confidential Smart Contract based on Substrate in 15 minutes.

2/ Phala became a partner of Substrate Hackathon Hangzhou Station.

1/ Phala Network held “The Return of Mining Power Awakening 2.0” campaign. The campaign aims to collect motherboard hardware models that are currently running successful Phala nodes, thus reducing the cost of trial and error and decision making for subsequent miners to join the Phala network.

2/ Phala Network has teamed up with Incognito, an ethereum privacy asset platform, for a joint campaign. Phala’s questions were added to Incognito’s “Privacy Question Scavenger Hunt” on December 7.




1/ The AKRO token was added to the Yearn Eco Index YETI in the crypto data site Messari.

1/ On December 8th, Akropolis was the guest of the Binance official chinese telegram group for the “AMA” . The live broadcast was hosted by Binance, translated by HappyBlock, and co-founder Kate was invited to talk about the product and its future development.

AMA summary:

2/ On December 11, Yana Mar, Community Manager of Akropolis, becomed a guest on Decode Live hosted by Golden Finance and HappyBlock to share Akropolis’ community and product development to users.



Edgeware is a high-performance, self-upgrading WASM smart contract platform, in the Polkadot ecosystem.

1/ Edgeware Board Member Thom Ivy addressed the topic of digital residents and token migration at the Governance Research Institute’s December 8 meeting

2/ Community members submit Edgeware listings on GitHub (unofficially) for Edgeware eco-builders to query.


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