Project Info Summary (1.30–2.05)


1/ Wootrade announces a strategic partnership with cryptocurrency exchange BTSE to build a higher relationship in liquidity, trading depth and more

2/ Wootrade will publishes a new series of science articles — the “AMM Automated Market Maker” series. The first article is “AMM Series I: The Rule Breaker DEX and Faith Unicorn Uniswap,” was published this week.

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1/, Partner of Wootrade, listed the WOO tokens and started an 8-day trading contest


Mask Network

1/ Mask Network ITO (Initial Twitter Offering) Phase II was announced. Users are able to purchase mTSLA using WBTC, OKB, and UST tokens.

2/ On February 5, 9pm (UTC+8), OKEx held the first live event on Clubhouse, a popular social application, with Suji Yan, co-founder of Mask Network, as the guest speaker.


Phala Network

1/ Phala completed the “Win $20,000 Reward by participating in OKEx PHA Depositing”. The list of winners is announced, and the rewards are distributed.

2/ Phala co-founder Lin Tong (Marvin) was invited to Jinse Salon Live to share a topic related to Polkadot Slot Auction.

3/ Phala was successfully accessed to the Rococo V1 test network and became one of the first technical capability-ready slot auction candidates.

4/ Phala launches the introduction article — “Phala: An Open and Transparent Global Computing Cloud with Privacy”

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1/ On February 5, 6pm (UTC+8), Phala became one of the guest at the Kucoin online AMA event with Bifrost and MXC, the Polkadot eco-system projects.



1/ As of February 5, Delphi had 2,831 active users and the TVL is $18.18M.

2/ About the ADEL and AKRO Swap issue. This Monday, Delphi has completed the final snapshot. The swap ratio of ADEL to AKRO is 1:15 and the swap schedule is 3.1–5.1, which is a voluntary swap. Before the swap, users need to accept the terms of willingness to swap before they can do so.

3/ Yearn V2 Vault Pool is online. Delphi V2 is now renamed Akropolis, an upgrade to Delphi V1. This week, Akropolis merged with Yearn and launched the Yearn V2 yVault.

4/ Users who provide $AKRO/$wETH liquidity on SushiSwap will receive the weekly rewards recently. 200,000 of $AKRO will be sent to Sushi’s LP farm every week.



1/ Litentry listed on the Pancakeswap, a Binance Smart Chain project, where users can pledge cake for LIT mining.


2/ Litentry was officially launched on the Binance on February 4, with the highest price of 18.82U, up more than 75x compared to the price of the strategic round, once again make the market ignited.

3/ HappyBlock published the “Introduction Litentry in Short”, introducing the project information and highlights.

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4/ Genesis Block published an overview article on the Litentry project — “What is Litentry?

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5/ Staking mining of Litentry token LIT is still underway at Binance Launchpad pool, and users could participate in until February 28 by stake BNB, BUSD, and DOT.

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1/ Litentry cooperated with Clover Finance, a smart contract platform of Polkadot, on DID (decentralized identity authentication).


Perpetual Protocol

1/ Perpetual Protocol project’s token PERP is listed on exchange on Feb. 4.

2/ The PERP token is listed on the FTX exchange on Feb. 4

3/ On February 4, Perp published a video tutorial release for the latest project, covering position creation, margin management and more.


4/ The Perpetual Protocol community launched a new proposal requesting the community to unlock 20.5 million PERP tokens for growth. The main uses of the tokens are: 1. transaction mining and stake rewards; 2. strategic partners; 3. bounty program; 4. DEX liquidity.

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