Project Info Summary (02.22–02.26)


1. Wootrade: Wootrade breaks multiple records such as trading volume in a single day and market cap of projects.

2. Mask: Mask successfully completed its ITO and LBP on Balancer , and listed on several exchanges.

3. Phala: Phala launched on Binance Innovation Zone.

4. Akropolis: Akropolis will hold a community AMA with HappyBlock on Feb.26.

5. Litentry: Litentry participated in the Substrate Builder Program.

6.Perpetual: The trading volume of Perpetual protocol exceeded $100,000,000.



1/ Wootrade releases a new series of popular-science articles — “AMM Automated Market Maker”. The second article in the series, “AMM Series II: Creativity or Plagiarism? The Road to Netfame for Sushiswap” published this week.

2/ HappyBlock published the article “Bull Market Continues, WOO Leads the Overseas Market”. This article introduces the views of several KOLs from overseas social media platforms about Wootrade and their opinions toward the project.

3/ On February 24, the daily volume of Wootrade set a new record once again, with $110,000,000 trading volume in single-day and over 230,000 transactions.

4/ February 24, The WOO token hit a new peak, with highest price of 0.638U. The highest increase this week was over 300%, and the highest increase in 30 days was over 2,000%.


1/ Wootrade established a strategic partnership with API Service Project, the API3. Wootrade will create a more transparent communication through Airnode with a larger DeFi ecosystem.


Mask Network


1/ Mask Network completed the three-rounds of ITOs (Initial Twitter Offering) this week and will distribute airdrops to all on-chain users who have participated in three rounds of ITO and interacted with contract.

2/ The LBP auction of MASK token on Balancer, which ended on February 26 with a final price of $13.22, raised about $40,000,000 in this LBP.

Listed Information

1/ The MASK token has been launched on Huobi Global, OKEx, KuCoin and several CEX and DEX exchanges gradually.


Phala Network


1/ The cryptocurrency data-aggregation website, Messari, lists the “ counterpart” projects of the Ethereum ecosystem that correspond to the Polkadot ecosystem, and Phala is listed in the chart.

2/ Phala will attend the Polkadot DeFi Demo Day on March 5 with Acala, Interlay, Moonbeam and other Polkadot ecosystem projects.

Listed Information

1/ The PHA token launched on the Binance Innovation Zone on February 25, with BUSD/PHA and BTC/PHA trading pairs.

2/ The PHA token launched on KuCoin exchange on February 26th.




1/ On the production, the new Akropolis website has been completed, fixed some of the UI. Recently the team redesigning the “My” section of the UI, optimizing the DApp user experience, expanding the stable coins in the Vault Pool, and updating the DCA function. In addition, new developers will join the Akropolis team in March.

2/ The swap of ADEL and AKRO will be started on March 1st, please follow the official news regularly for more details. The team is currently setting up the governance snapshot pages for ADEL and AKRO with Delphi V1 and Akropolis V1 respectively.




1/ Litentry has partnered with PAID Network, the world’s first decentralized and borderless intelligent protocol. PAID will use Litentry’s aggregated DID technology to strengthen network security.

2/ Litentry published the article “Litentry Protocol Explained (First Section) : Building a Blockchain DID Aggregator” to introduce the content related to Litentry protocol.

3/ Litentry became a member of the Substrate Builders Program, enabling more close collaboration with Parity and getting direct technical support.

4/ On February 24, Litentry & Binance held an AMA event.


Perpetual Protocol


1/ The SushiSwap Onsen Round 2 event started. The PERP holder are able to participate in the PERP-ETH pool.


2/ Huobi DeFi Labs released the article “Analysis of Decentralized Perpetual Swaps”, which focuses on comparing several DeFi ecosystem perpetual contract trading platforms, including Perpetual Protocol, FutureSwap, dYdX, etc.

More information:

3/ On February 23, the trading volume on Perpetual Protocol exceeded $100,000,000. (Data source: The Block)

4/ The Perpetual Protocol will remove the Balancer LP bonus gradually, and PERP bonus on Balancer will be reduced weekly until it ends after 6 weeks.


This article is intended as a reference for project information, not as investment advice


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