New social favorite — NFT Avatars

5 min readSep 17, 2021

The crypto world is on fire — NFT

In the past few weeks, the NFT has gone viral. NFT platforms, including OpenSea, have been hitting new volume records, making it the hottest concept after Defi. The first auction of “pure digital art” in Christie’s auction house was sold for $69m on March 11th, to the surprise of everyone, including Beeple himself. The art form of NFT was first noticed by mainstream media and major capital institutions.

Just last month, Visa bought NFT CryptoPunk #7610 for the company’s collection for nearly $150,000. In an interview with Blockworks, Cuy Sheffield, its head of cryptocurrency, said CryptoPunk7610 will not be the only NFT in the company, and plans to continue to add more NFT to the collection to support different artists and creators.

Figure 1. CryptoPunk #7610

NFT is a non-fungible Token. Because NFT has a provable owner, provable creator (publisher), and provable scarcity (limited quantity), it caters to the pain point of the art market, so it soon gets a large number of applications in art collections. NFT solves the problem of creating unreplicability in the internet where everything can be copied, enriching the types of virtual assets and making people see the possibility of creating an on-chain world as rich as the off-chain world. Next, let’s talk about avatar NFTs, represented by CryptoPunk.

The new social favorite — avatar NFTs

Because of the uniqueness of NFT, many community organizations began to issue their own unique NFT. It’s like a badge that says you’re part of the community. Unlike traditional badges, each NFT is unique and belongs to the collective community.

Avatar NFT is arguably the most popular in recent weeks. In addition to CryptoPunk, there are also Bored Apes, Pudgy Penguins, World of Women and many more. The spread of these avatar-like NFT concepts takes full advantage of Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. Many of our crypto users have changed their avatars to apes, penguins, and dogs. This social culture of NFT memes swept the world for a while.

Figure 2. Social culture of NFT

The current avatar NFT is still based on Web2.0, and I’m sure many people will change their avatar to blend into the community even if they don’t actually own an NFT. Imagine if social platforms became ubiquitous in web3.0. If social platforms can directly support binding to Ethereum addresses or other blockchain-based addresses, then supporting displaying their own NFT, having their own NFT as their own avatars. And even create communities for users with the same series of NFT automatically. At that time, NFT will be further widely used.

I don’t know how long it will take, but I have to say that web3.0 is the trend. SubSocial in Polkadot ecosystem aims to be an encrypted social platform, where users don’t need their phone number or email address to sign up, but instead use Kusama’s address. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is also a big fan of crypto assets, having previously sold his own NFT. Maybe Twitter will support NFT display someday, which could be integrated as a feature by major Internet social platforms.

New crypto community — NFT Club

With the popularity of NFT and the rise of community culture, a new type of community has come into being — NFT Club. By far the most popular NFT club is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. NBA star Curry just spent 55 ethereum to buy NFT, a blue boring monkey, for about $180,000.

Figure 3. Curry and his bored ape NFT

Soon after Curry changed his Twitter profile to the bored blue ape, NFT has become a community status symbol. This new form of community can greatly enhance the cohesion of the community. Everyone has a unique digital identity and is a member of the same community. The unique nature of NFT naturally gives a bonus to community value. Just think about it, if an ordinary commodity wants to spend money to find Curry advertising, Curry may not be willing to do that. But he was willing to pay a lot of money for an NFT, which was a huge advertisement for the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Happy Block First NFT — Olympic Dragon

Finally, I would like to share a very interesting NFT campaign, which is also the first NFT project of Happy Block community, cleverly combining avatar NFT and many blockchain projects together. The Olympic Dragon is a limited series of NFT in the Dragon-Verse created by Happy Block to commemorate the extraordinary 32nd Summer Olympic Games and 16th Paralympic Games. Dragon-Verse created by Happy Block consists of three modules: Dragon Capsule, Happy-Dragon and Dragon Club. Dragon Capsule is a new NFT space manufacturing machine from Happy Block. It has two versions: generated version and the finished version. The generated version of Dragon Capsule can be customized according to the needs of development. It includes the function of one-click generation of NFT blind box and the distribution of NFT blind box. Users can buy their generated version of Dragon Capsule according to their actual needs. The finished version of Dragon Capsule is directly associated with Happy-Dragon module. Happy-Dragon is an aborigine of Dragon-Verse. Yearning for life on Earth, Happy-Dragon endeavors to work on Happy planet, and makes suggestions for planet governance, finally unlocking the coordinates of the interstellar transition point. Happy-dragon who came to earth has unlocked a variety of identities. This Olympic Limited edition is one of the sports style happy-Dragon. In addition, social attributes and DAO mechanism in Dragon-Verse rely on the Dragon Club.

HappyBlock invites our friends to thank everyone for their dedication to the spirit of sport in the form of blockchain community events, and to remember every moment that inspires us. In this event, you will see the highlights of the Olympic sports selected by each blockchain project. HappyBlock has made them into limited NFT to perpetuate this great event.”

Figure 4. Olympic Dragon Event in HappyBlock

The projects that participated in this Olympic dragon event contains Akropolis (kayak), Mask Network (swimming), Trustbase (weightlifting), Woo Network (archery), FTX (badminton), dAppstore (football), Qilin Protocol (gymnastics), LUKSO (track cycling), Acent (taekwondo), Galaxy (surfing), PlatOn (shooting). Each event represents an Olympic sport and has its own Olympic dragon NFT avatar. Community users can vote according to their favorite projects and sports. At the end of the campaign, HappyBlock will give special rewards to the top three projects. In addition, all users participating in the event have the opportunity to participate in sharing the remaining rewards.

Go to the HappyBlock forum to check the details of the event:




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