KuCoin Token — The Key to Ecosystem of KuCoin Exchange

1. Introduction

KuCoin Token (KCS) is the token for defi services of the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, and the future governance token of the KuCoin community. By holding KCS, users can benefit from the Trading Bonus, Fees Discount, Pool-X Stake, Spotlight, and other dedicated services.

2. Token Information

Name: KCS

Price: $5.23

Total volume of token: 169,843,459 KCS (as of last burn)

Circulation volume: 79,843,459 KCS (47%)

Circulation market cap: $443,000,000

Website: https://www.kucoin.cc/

7 days increase: 95.58%

30 days increase: 352.58%

90 days increase: 512.40%

As of February 25, 2021 (UTC+8)

3. Highlights

-/ A positive feedback loop of token

-/ The backbone of the KuCoin ecosystem

-/ The undervaluation in exchange token

-/ Bright future of KuCoin

4. Fundamental

-/ KCS has a positive feedback loop of the token incentive mechanism. The KuCoin ecosystem will continuously support the value of KCS tokens. The token mechanism of KCS is designed as a deflationary model, the KuCoin will using 10% of the monthly profit to continually re-purchase and burn KCS to reduce the total amount of KCS to 10M (50% of initial amount). At present, KCS has burned about 30M in total, nearly 15% of the total token supply and is in the leading position of the crypto platform.

-/ The most unique feature of KuCoin is KCS Bonus, which is a reward for KuCoin users and investors. KuCoin will repurchase KCS on the secondary market with 50% of its daily fee income, then allocate it to users and investors. As the trading volume of KuCoin increases, the maximum annualized return of the KCS bonus exceeds 40%.

-/ KCS is the backbone of the KuCoin ecosystem in the future. As an important “Value Medium” for the KuCoin ecosystem, KuCoin will constantly bring more application scenarios and value support to KCS. Meanwhile, KCS will also become the ecology token for defi service and the governance token for the KuCoin community.

-/ Currently, KCS is still in the under-valued area in the market of the exchange token. Benefiting from the global marketing planning and well-regarded brand identity, KuCoin is ranked 7th in CoinMarketCap. However, the market cap of KCS is still undervaluation compared to the development of KuCoin recently, and the price is also at historical lows(ATH $21.3).

-/ The KuCoin ecosystem has a promising future. In the field of exchanges, 2020 is a year with constant growth for KuCoin. The trading volume and trading amount of KuCoin is quite impressive. Furthermore, KuCoin will build more new products in the decentralized field based on the public chain — KuChain, and the “Value Medium” KCS token.

5. Listed Exchange


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