HappyBlock Project Info Summary (06.05–06.11)

5 min readJun 16, 2021

Summary of this week’s projects:

Moonbeam: Moonriver Crowdloan officially opened;

Zenlink: Zenlink released a supplementary announcement on the release of the second batch of exploratory NFT;

Phala: Khala is ready to start crowdfunding;

Akropolis: Akropolis updated some product interfaces;

Bifrost: Bifrost officially released the slot auction scheme;

Clover: HappyBlock Research Institute released a graphic introduction to Sakura’s auction scheme.


Project News

1. Moonriver Crowdloan officially opened. Users can participate through Dapp constructed by Moonbeam foundation and exchanges that support Moonriver crowdloan (Kranken and KuCoin).

2. Kucoin announced its support for Moonriver Crowdloan, and released the related tutorial “how to participate in crowdloan through KuCoin”.

3. Kraken announced that it supports Moonriver Crowdloan, and Kraken users can directly pledge KSM in the platform to participate in crowdloan.

Project Events

  1. Moonbeam participated in Crust Openday # 6 “Activity review”.

2. On June 7, Moonbeam conducted community AMA in Telegram groups, bringing in-depth analyses of Moonbeam project to community members.

Project Cooperation

  1. Moonbeam operated with OpenZeppelin to provide the best security tools for developers.

Official website: https://moonbeam.network/


Project News

  1. Zenlink published the article “Supplementary announcement on the release of the second batch of exploration NFT in Zenlink”.

2. Zenlink issued an official announcement to postpone the launch of Zenlink SlotVault, which is expected not to be launched during the first parallel chain slot auction.

The article: https://zenlinkpro.medium.com/announcement-about-the-temporary-suspension-of-zenlink-slotvault-launch-5ef0f5e60d44

3. Zenlink released last week’s weekly project report “Zenlink SlotVault is gradually accessing to the first batch of cooperative projects”.

Project Official Website: https://www.zenlink.pro/zh/

Phala Network

Project News

  1. Khala Network, the Kusama parallel chain project of Phala, joined the parallel chain “big family” and got ready to open the crowdloan.

2. Phala Network has reached strategic cooperation with Altcoin Traders.

3. Phala Network released last week’s weekly “Khala Crowdloan Dapp invitation function available online”.

Project Event

  1. Phala announced a new community KOL event, “Thought Leader Tour” for community members who create high-quality content related to the project.

Link: https://medium.com/phala-network/phala-thought-leader-tournament-954d9be1aa0d

Project Website: http://phala.network/


  1. By June 11, 2021, Delphi’s active user number reached 2860 with its TVL of $9.89M and pledged APY of 28.86%.

2. Product update. Akropolis is testing a new version of the user interface, which includes the update of the login page icon, the automatic scrolling of the machine gun pool page, and the extension menu by default.

3. Community governance. The community proposal AIP-011 on the AKRO economic model is still under discussion.


Project Official Website: https://akropolis.io/


Project News

  1. Bifrost released “The 56th weekly report”, which is mainly about the formal announcement of the bidding scheme by Bifrost.

2. Bifront announced that it officially reached a strategic partnership with mathwallet, which now supports the parallel chain slot auction of Bifrost Kusama.

3. Kraken announced its support for Bifrost Kusama parallel chain slot auction.

4. OKEX announced its support for Bifrost Kusama parallel chain slot auction.

5. Bifrost Kusama parallel chain slot auction scheme was officially released.


Project Official Website: https://bifrost.finance/


Project News

  1. Clover Finance released May monthly report “Clover May project development and ecological progress”.

2. HappyBlock released pictures and texts of Clover Plans for the Kusama Parachain Slots Auction.

Project Official Website: https://clover.finance/




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