HappyBlock Project Info Summary (05.29–06.04)

4 min readJun 16, 2021


Wootrade: Wootrade released May monthly report.

Meme.com: Meme will soon launch on Polkastarter, whitelist is now open.

Phala: Khala crowd lend Dapp invitation feature is launched.

Akropolis: vAKRO and ADEL rewards redemption is now open.

Bifrost: HappyBlock Institute released the Kusama slot auction program of Bifrost.

TrustBase: TrustBase participated in NFT area.



1/ Wootrade provides liquidity for the Solana (SOL).

2/ Wootrade provides liquidity for the Aave (AAVE).

3/ Wootrade released the 2nd article of the NFT series, Leap into the metaverse together and touch your digital avatar”.

4/ Wootrade released the May monthly report, featuring platform transaction volume data, partner updates and community growth.

5/ On May 30, Wootrade released a newsletter introducing the WOO X Beta update and the scalability of WooFi on the BSC chain.

More info: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/Wootrade/issues/woo-x-beta-product-release-updates-and-woofi-expands-on-bsc-628536

6/ The WOO/BUSD WooFi pool is launched on the BSC, and users can trade on DODO.

Website: https://woo.network/



1/ The token of Meme.com MEM, the first project based on Polygon mainnet and Polkadot, will soon launched on Polkastarter. The whitelist is open now, the registration time is from June 3 to June 9.

Whitelist: https://blog.meme.com/2021/06/03/meme-com-announces-whitelist-for-ido-on-polkastarter/

2/ The leading investment capital Outlier Ventures published an article to introduce the reasons for investing in the Meme.com project.

More info: https://outlierventures.io/we-we-invested-in-meme-com/

3/ HappyBlock released the chart of “Recent Hot Projects Investment Information Overview”, and Meme.com project is mentioned in it.

4/ Meme.com has raised $5 million in a new round of funding from Outlier Ventures, LD Capital, AU21 Capital and others.

Website: https://meme.com/

Phala Network


1/ Phala and Amara entered into a strategic partnership to launch Maralink, a cross-chain solution for asset data.

2/ The token of Phala (PHA) started the stake mining at Pippi Finance (HECO).

3/ Phala Network released latest weekly report, Countdown to the Launch of Khala Crowdloan Dapp”.

4/ The crowd loan dapp Khala is launched the invitation function.

Website: http://phala.network/



1/ As of June 4, Delphi had 2,863 active members, $10.50m TVL, and a stake APY of 29.91%.

2/ Akropolis released the last week news, including ADEL awards, team members recruitment, etc.

More info: https://akropolis.substack.com/p/akropolis-weekly-updates-f0c?r=1qvfn&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy

Website: https://akropolis.io/



1/ Bifrost released the “55th Weekly Report”, focusing on the Bifrost Dapp v2.0.1 version test.

2/ HappyBlock Institute released charts of Bifrost’s participation in the Kusama parachain slot auction program.

Website: https://bifrost.finance/



1/ TrustBase participated in NFT area, expanded the ecosystem and partners.

Website: https://trustbase.network/


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Twitter(France): @HappyBlockFR1



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