HappyBlock Project Info Summary (04.24–04.30)


Wootrade: Wootrade & MDEX hold a joint event.

Subsocial: CoinMarketCap published a Subsocial research article.

Phala: Phala launched the PoC-4 test network, introduced the privacy grade mechanism.

Akropolis: voting ends on the AIP-010 proposal for the ADEL to AKRO swap proportion.

Bifrost: Bifrost upgraded new brand.

TrustBase: TrustBase and HECO reached a cooperation to help the development of the ecosystem.



1/ Wootrade listed the Bancor token BNT, while WOO has passed the Bancor DAO vote and is successfully launched on Bancor mining.

2/ The WOO/USDT trading pair has launched on the MDEX (HECO) mining whitelist, while Wootrade and MDEX joint community event has been announced.


The Wootrade & MDEX Joint Event

3/ Wootrade and WOO X.has listed the Band Protocol token BAND.

4/ Wootrade has launched with DOGE trading pair.

5/ HappyBlock Institute published an article related to Wootrade, Wootrade — Position as the unicorn, greater the ambitious.

6/ HappyBlock summarized the partners & participating organizations of the Wootrade ecosystem and released the Wootrade ecosystem overview.

Website: https://woo.network/



Subsocial is a decentralized social network built on Substrate and IPFS developed by the DappForce team, which focuses on the decentralized scalable protocol. Subsocial is a recipient of the two technical grants from Web3 Foundation, and one of the first 17 projects that have been carefully selected by Parity to participate in Substrate Builders Program.


1/ CoinMarketCap published a Subsocial related article, How Subsocial Will Monetize Decentralized Social Media on Web 3.0.

2/ Subsocial reached 1000+ followers on their social platform app.

3/ The user following of Polkadot and Kusama is growing in the Subsocial community.

Website: https://subsocial.network/

Phala Network


1/ Phala released “Phala Network Originate the Privacy Grade Mechanism”, introducing the specific operation plan and details of the recently proposed “Privacy Grade Mechanism”.

2/ Phala released the latest Weekly Project Report, including Phala launched PoC-4 test network, the introduction of privacy grade mechanism, etc.

3/ Phala Network ranks 2nd in the PolkaProject in terms of Polkadot eco-development activity.

Website: http://phala.network/



1/ As of April 30, 2021, Delphi has 2,865 active members, $24.82M TVL, and a Stake APY of 32.65%.

Development (Product)

The new APY calculator is launched, users can compare the revenues of all strategies integrated with Akropolis.

Development (Governance)

Voting on the AIP-010 proposal regarding the swap proportion between ADEL and AKRO has ended. The Akropolis team has extended the swap deadline to June 15, and the token distribution period begins on July 1.

The results of the vote:

94% in favor of AIP-009; 6% in favor of AIP-008

AIP-009 is now in the planning stage and will be implemented soon

More information:


Website: https://akropolis.io/



1/ Bifrost released the 51st Weekly Report, featuring the Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol SALP announcement.

2/ Bifrost brand new upgrade, cosmology elements bring a new experience.

3/ Bifrost announces the Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol SALP solution, a protocol introduced by Bifrost to unlock the locked-in KSM/DOT liquidity in parachain slot auction/crowdfunding by generating derivatives.


1/ To celebrate the liquidity mining activity in vETH’s DODO Booster program, users can get airdrop by participating in and complete a series of tasks.

Airdrop Website:


Website: https://bifrost.finance/



1/ TrustBase and HECO reached a cooperation to help the development of ecosystem projects.

2/ TrustBase released the Weekly Report “TrustBase Grant established | Project Weekly Report (4.20–4.26).”

Website: https://trustbase.network/


Twitter: @RealHappyBlock

Twitter(France): @HappyBlockFR1



Telegram: https://t.me/HappyBlock_Official

Telegram: https://t.me/HappyBlock_Vietnam

Medium: https://happyblock.medium.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happyblock.hb.9



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