HappyBlock Project Info Summary (04.10–04.16)


Wootrade: Wootrade releases the 2021 Q1 Report.

Marble.Cards: The LD Capital, investor of Marble.Cards, established an NFT fund.

Phala: Phala supports the Zenlink DEX Test Network.

Akropolis: Akropolis fixes network bugs and informs yearn team.

Bifrost: Bifrost Dapp Beta and Asgard CC4 test network is released.

TrustBase: TrustBase launched node recruitment to prepare for parachain slot auction.



1/ Wootrade released the 2021 Q1 Quarterly Report, introducing Q1 project development.

More information: Wootrade Quarterly Report

2/ Wootrade published the “How WOO X achieves security for traders” article, which focuses on how the WOO X platform safeguards users’ assets.

3/ Wootrade announced the second batch of 300 community users for WOO X trading platform Beta test.

4/ On April 15, the Trading volume of Wootrade hit an all-time high of over $170 million, with volume from the BSC breaking new highs at over $30 million.

5/ The DeFi Alliance established a China branch, and Ran Yi, COO of Kronos Research/Wootrade, is a member of the DeFi Alliance.

Website: https://woo.network



Marble.Cards is an innovative card game that allows players to engrave any web page into a collectible card represented by an NFT. Each card is unique and publicly auctionable, and URLs can only be branded once and owned by one person. Marble.Cards is available on Polygon mainnet.


1/ LD Capital announced to form an over $10 million NFT fund, which will focus on investing and supporting quality NFT projects. LD Capital is also one of the investors of Marble.Cards.

Website: https://marble.cards/

Phala Network


1/ Phala published “Privacy Weekly Report #7”, summarizing the weekly information summary of Oasis Network, Secret Network, and other privacy projects.

2/ Phala released Weekly Report, which introduces Phala’s two-way bridge technology solution to Ether.

3/ Zenlink, the first cross-chain DEX protocol on PolkaDot, launched the first beta test, supporting cross-chain Swap of PHA assets.


1/ PC Case Modification Challenge, win 1000PHA

Website: http://phala.network/



1/ As of April 16, 2021, Delphi had 2,902 active members, and $32.11M TVL, and a stake APY of 32.10%.

2/ While testing the yearn.finance wrapper tokens, the team found two bugs that caused calculation errors or txn failures. The team also found that if the MAX_UINT input passed and triggered DEPOSIT_EVERYTHING, the next call (secure TRANSFERFROM) would not happen and would not be reflected in the user balance due to a calculation error. The team has notified Yearn, and a fix is in place.

More information: https://github.com/yearn/yearn-vaults/pull/261

Website: https://akropolis.io/



1/ Bifrost released the “49th Weekly Report”, featuring the Bifrost Dapp Beta to be released on April 13.

2/ Bifrost Dapp Beta and Asgard CC4 test network are officially launched.


1/ Bifrost and PolkaPet reached a partnership to offer Bifrost PolkaPet NFT at BondSwap.

Website: https://bifrost.finance/



1/ TrustBase has reached strategic cooperation with NFT platform Liquidity, which will co-build the ecosystem development of both sides.

2/ TrustBase announced the strategic target and launched the node recruitment.

3/ TrustBase released weekly project report “TrustBase Opens Node Recruitment|Project Weekly Report (4.6–4.12)”.

4/ TrustBase CTO conducted a project AMA in Telegram group on April 16 at 21:00 UTC.

Website: https://trustbase.network/


Twitter: @RealHappyBlock

Twitter(France): @HappyBlockFR1



Telegram: https://t.me/HappyBlock_Official

Telegram: https://t.me/HappyBlock_Vietnam

Medium: https://happyblock.medium.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happyblock.hb.9



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