HappyBlock Project Info Summary (03.06–03.12)


Wootrade: WOO completed the second monthly repurchase and burn.



1/ WOO has completed the second monthly repurchase & burn, burned 817,564 WOO, and the total number of 6,063,331 WOO burned in the two monthly repurchases.


1/ The Wootrade Content Creation Contest started, where community users can submit articles, images, Weibo and other content, with a total prize of 3,000USD.



XDeFi is a DeFi stack whose products include but not limited to: an optimized AMM DEX — xDEX, a streaming payment protocol for delay-unlock — xHalfLife, a European option for low-frequency to hedge spot risk — xOption.


1/ The XDeFi project’s contract code passed the Certik security audit, and all known bugs and risk in the test network have been fixed.

Phala Network


1/Phala Network completed unlocking a total of 30,000,000 PHA of the private sale portion before March 11. The next unlock scheduled on September 11 as the final batch of the private sale portion.


1/ Huobi Global started the “PHA Limited-Time Mining” event on March 12, where PHA holders can stake on the exchange and receive mining rewards.



1/ As of March 12, 2021, Delphi had 2,881 active members and $22,911,720 TVL.



1/ Bifrost reached a strategic partnership with Phala Network, and Bifrost will contribute liquidity derivative benefits to the Phala Network privacy-protection consensus.



1/ TrustBase published a community Q&A article about their project, which answered many questions from the community about the fundamentals of the TrustBase, how it contributes to the Polkadot ecosystem, etc.


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