HappyBlock Project Info Summary (02.27–03.05)


Wootrade: Wootrade published the February Monthly Report, and expects to launch the WOO X Beta at the end of March.

Mask Network: Mask has officially listed on Transak, a fiat aggregator.

Phala: Huobi Futures launched the PHA/USDT perpetual contract.

Akropolis: The swap of ADEL and AKRO has officially started.

Litentry: Litentry has been submitted as a registrar on the Kusama.

TrustBase: The CC2 testnet has accessed to Rococo V1


1/ Wootrade team completed the finalization of the WOO X in February and will launch the Beta version at the end of March. Meanwhile, the team also published the February Monthly Report.

About the Monthly Report: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzU3NjQzNzc2NA==&mid=2247484639&idx=1&sn=8aed7d35b40c2658b206af5099823a7d&scene=21#wechat_redirect

2/ Huobi Global launched WOO/USDT perpetual contract, supporting two-way trading and up to 75x leverage.

3/ Wootrade published an article, “The Impact of the ETH Shortage on Exchanges,” in which Jack Tan, co-CEO of Kronos Research and co-founder of Wootrade, argues that “the ETH shortage does not affect the exchange trading experience.”

Article source: Cointelegraph Consulting

4/ On March 4, Ran Yi, the COO of Wootrade and Kronos Research, was featured in Cointelegraph for a panel discussion on cryptocurrency and investment trends with core members from BlockFi, SBI Digital Assets, and Bybit, etc.

Website: https://woo.network/

Mask Network

1/ Mask Network announced that the MASK token has officially launched on the fiat aggregator Transak, which is now available for direct purchase MASK on Twitter.

2/ Digital Currency Group announced support for Mask Network.

3/ On February 27, Mask Network released the first round of MASK airdrop tutorials and rules.

Website: https://mask.io/

Phala Network

1/ From March 2 to March 9, KuCoin started the PHA token Deposit & Trade to Share Campaign with a total prize of 50,000 PHA

2/ KuCoin published a research report of the Phala Network.

More information: https://medium.com/kucoinexchange/what-is-phala-pha-and-how-does-it-work-kucoin-crypto-gem-observer-bc9bad679f2c

3/ Huobi Global launched PHA/USDT perpetual contract, supporting two-way trading and up to 75x leverage.

4/ Binance Savings launched the PHA saving activities, annualized returns up to 30%.

1/ Phala Network has reached strategic cooperation with Apron Network, a decentralized infrastructure service platform for the Polkadot ecosystem.

2/ Phala Network and DEGO Finance established a strategic partnership.

Website: http://phala.network/


1/ As of March 5, 2021, Delphi had 2,886 active members and $16,686,790 TVL.

2/ About swap of ADEL<>AKRO. The ADEL to AKRO swap officially started on March 3. The swap address is https://akropolis.io/swap. If you want to swap ADEL to AKRO, please read the “Swap Details” section and follow the “Swap Instruction” section. Besides, it is important to note that this swap is voluntary. To swap, you need to read and agree to the “Terms and Conditions”. Allocation is expected to begin on June 1 after the swap is completed. At that time, you can start swapping vAKRO to receive AKRO.

Website: http://akropolis.io/


1/ Litentry has submitted to become a Registrar on Kusama and will focus on the identity verification process.

2/ On the evening of March 5, Litentry will conduct an AMA at the Binance Portuguese Telegram group.

3/ The Litentry native token LIT is listed on Bitrue exchange.

Website: https://www.litentry.com/


1/ TrustBase NFT listed on BondSwap, which sold out within 12 minutes.

2/ TrustBase completed its first round of fundraising, with 13 participating institutions and successfully raising over $1,000,000.

3/ TrustBase CC2 test network completed with full support for WASM contracts and updated with the new Substrate extension interface.

4/ The TrustBase CC2 test network was connected to Rococo V1 and completed the basic Parachain function verification.

Website: https://trustbase.network/


Twitter: @RealHappyBlock

Twitter(France): @HappyBlockFR1



Telegram: https://t.me/HappyBlock_Official

Telegram: https://t.me/HappyBlock_Vietnam

Medium: https://happyblock.medium.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happyblock.hb.9

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