HappyBlock AMA#8— — MetaDojo

  1. Welcome Echo Guo! Could you please introduce yourself and the MetaDojo team to our community?
  • To provide affordable and ready-to-use solutions for scalable metaverse land development.
  • To empower metaverse landowners with tools of MetaFi utilization.
  • To assist Web 3.0 mass adoption by offering website-integratable 3D virtual worlds to individuals, businesses and organizations.
  • Ready-to-use for all open metaverse networks
  • Web 2.0 integration to accelerate metaverse mass adoption
  • Job opportunities through the Creator Economy

Questions from Live AMA:

  1. Hi everyone,I really liked the Metadojo app. Congratulations. My question is, in which aspects will Metadojo differ from metaverse projects such as decentraland, sandbox, cryptovoxels and somnium space? Also, what kind of a way to follow in web3 and dao issues is being considered.



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