HappyBlock AMA #6 — — Play It Forward DAO

  1. Welcome Cholo Maputol! Could you please introduce yourself and Play it forward DAO to our community?
  • Be used to get rewards and share in DAO profits via the staking pools
  • Used as payment for premium tools and services under P2E Board
  • Token value accrual also comes by way of increase in value of our investments in P2E governance tokens and NFT assets
  • Token holders get access to exclusive NFT drops (both DAO NFTs and in-game NFTs)
  1. A wallet that can interact with the copper website — MetaMask and Trust Wallet works wonders in this regard
  2. You’ll need some USDC or ETH to purchase the token and some ETH for gas — make sure you have enough for the amount you wish to buy
  3. Hop on over to the link above, connect your MetaMask to the site, give the site permission, enter the amount you wish to buy and click BUY. That’s it — after the transaction gets confirmed on the network, you’ll be the proud owner of $PIF

Live Questions from the Community:

  1. Congrats on successfully raising 6 million. Can you brief us about your partnerships? And what power they hold in the PIF ecosystem?



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