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6 min readNov 4, 2021


The fifth AMA of HappyBlock social platform product “HappyBlock Forum” went live. On Nov 3, Ms.Joyce and Ms.Mylo, the representatives of the Infinite Launch — — Launchpad for disruptive projects was joining the AMA.

What is Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch has the mission of creating a decentralized and convenient platform for amazing crypto projects to acquire the funding they deserve. To deliver the most advanced and innovative launchpad for the community, Infinite Launch team has conducted countless researches and prototypes and finally decided to go first with Binance Smart Chain to ensure scalability, consensus, and cross-chain compatibility.

Infinite Launch Team

Infinite Launch covers a variety of products, therefore the team is not particularly small. The team is divided into 2 main departments:

Dev & Chain: 7 members, who have been spending their recent years building DeFi products, from diverse backgrounds. As the project progresses, team expansion is a MUST, to make sure the team can keep up with the usage and ensure the best users’ experience.

Growth team: 7 members, including 1 growth lead & 1 social team. 4 members to take care of the community, cause members are the heart of our operation.

The founder/CEO is David Nguyen, who has 12 years of experience in software development & 8 years in Blockchain Engineering. He has successfully built Incognito Privacy Blockchain from scratch to a private network with the most validators all around the world.

Token Utility

Infinite Launch is a launchpad combined with NFT Platform, featuring quality projects including Defi and Play2earn. Infinite Launch helps projects and defi investor communities connect with each other, bringing large capital and significant profits. Customers will get many benefits when using the products:

- Buy tokens of quality projects.

- Get Exclusive NFTs Airdrop.

- Get profit by Farming/Staking.

- Vote to support the project

- Buy items or NFTs of projects launched on Infinite Launch for Projects launched on Infinite Launch

- Easy to deploy capital raising

- Reach the potential community

- Selling special items

Revenue Mechanisms

The profit of Infinite project comes from:

- Partners fee: Project must be paid $ILA to be listed on Infinite Launch network or using all of the team services

- NFT Marketplace transaction fee

- Treasury funds: $ILA not only deflationary token with 1% burn per transaction but also 2% of each transaction will come to treasury funds to rewards back to our community

- Many sources of income in the future like Liquidity lock fees, NFT Collection sell funds…

With some key sources of growth above, Infinite Launch will use a large portion of funds to deliver more value to the community, buy back and burn to reduce token supply, increase $ILA token utilities, so that Infinite Launch can make benefit win-win to both investors and project in the long run

Features of Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is different from the very design of the model. A majority of launchpads on the market rely mostly on the source of upcoming new projects. If there’s a shortage of new projects or a decline in projects’ quality, it’s going to severely affect the token price since there are no longer reasons for community members to hold tokens, which will lead to a sharp decrease in price. To minimize such risks to the project, Infinite Launch integrates NFT Marketplace into the ecosystem.

Therefore, Infinite Launch’s revenue is not dependent on the project. There is also revenue from trading NFT. Owning Infinite Launch’s NFT will receive benefits such as:

- Get early access to projects IDO on Infinite Launch

- Bonus %APR when staked $ILA token on IFL platform

- NFT/artwork airdrop

- Exclusive tokens airdrop

- Farm and Staking receive token and NFTs for Holders

- Join Gamefi games or NFT project directly developed by Infinite launch’s team in the future

- Give more use cases to NFTs, make it more than just an image

About artists on Infinite launch, now Infinite Launch not only approach famous artists but also some non-NFT famous artists who haven’t known much about NFT before, this strategy will make their NFT marketplace become more diverse and can attract both crypto & non-crypto users.


Infinite Launch chose BSC since the low gas fee, fast transaction time and compatibility with popular crypto wallets, such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask so that Infinite Launch easy approach majority of users

In Q4 2021 Infinite Launch team will integrate more blockchain networks including Polkadot, Matic, Solana and AVAX. Therefore, they can approach more investors and potential projects to keep them updated with the latest trends and also help Infinite launch grow-hack the community.

NFT Club

Infinite Launch chooses to build and establish its own secret NFT club to deliver the best benefits to users. By holding Infinite Launch NFTs, they’ll enjoy the privileges as follow:

- Priority to participate in IDO of potential projects on Infinite Launch

- Own NFTs of potential artists

- NFT/artwork airdrop

- Exclusive tokens airdrop

- Bonus % Staking APR

Users also can create their proposal about their own NFTs project, mint & sell them on the platform later as long as they get more than 50% agreement votes from members of NFT Whale Club.

Henry Van is one of Infinite Launch team members, he has a lot of experience in Celebrity and influencers, he worked in the Warner Music group and has a good connection with many huge famous artists all over the world like Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, and in Vietnam Infinite Launch have Binz, Suboi, etc…, so that Infinite Launch team believes that they will soon onboard many big artists to deliver the best NFTs projects to our community.

The First NFT — — Bony Bastards

The successful launch of the first NFT collection — Bony Bastards — is also one of Infinite Launch latest achievements! Some of the achievements they reached only with this NFT collection drop: Infinite Launch fans went from 42k to more than 48k members on Telegram, from 40k to 43k on Twitter, from 25k to 26k on Discord in just 5 days with a totally new concept: “NFT = ticket to IDO” mechanism and team have also sold out all the NFTs in the Bony Bastards NFTs collection on the launching day!

At the moment, Infinite Launch is partnering with artists around the world both traditional and NFT artists for their NFT collections. Later, Infinite Launch will launch their NFT marketplace feature and will soon open the mint function to their users and creators so that all can create their own NFT collection!

Art is a field of perception, and Infinite Launch has different tastes. Combined with their IDO launchpad, NFTs on Infinite Launch are also tickets to IDO events so owning NFTs on Infinite Launch platform will give users so much more benefits and value.

Launch Project Requirements

Quality projects are the heart of any launchpad. And at Infinite Launch, they have their own criteria. There are many factors team use to onboard projects, two of which Infinite Launch believe are much more important:

1/ If the team has a solid team behind, with transparent background & searchable on social networks.

2/ If the team has a real working product behind or just some vague plan far into the future.

If they satisfy either of the above, they are good to go. As for other factors such as Tokenomics, roadmap, Infinite Launch team can advise & support them to make sure they are solid before listing on Infinite Launch.

HappyBlock x Infinite Launch AMA: https://happyblocklabs.com/club/ama/4

About Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a Cross-chain fundraising platform for tokens & NFTs. A game-changing platform, where investors meet potential projects & Artists’ NFT. Infinite Launch has many features such as fixed Swap Pools, liquidity Mining, staking for Pool Access, Private Pools & Whitelisting, Permissionless listings, we deliver Game-fi experiences, and many exciting features will be coming soon.

About HappyBlock

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Sharing expertise. Building a relationship. We intend to provide you a better experience in the crypto market.