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EtherDrops is a Telegram bot that supports BSC and Ethereum, giving users real-time alerts on wallet address, token information including DEX transactions, CEX announcement, and various data of derivatives and liquidity pools. The EtherDrops was developed from 2018, currently has a relatively mature product and plugin support as well as a large user base.


1. ERC-20 and BSC whale address monitoring

2. Uniswap, SushiSwap, and other DEX LP changes alerts

3. Transactions in DEX

4. Token price notification

5. Gas price reference


1. The project has a reliable user base, with practical product features that address the difficulties for traders, such as on-chain monitoring of the secondary market and DEX, and wallet alteration of whales, etc.

2. The function of product is developed completely. Currently the functions of the EtherDrop product can cover over 90% of the requirement for traders.

3. At present, the project Twitter is followed by merely 300+ users. EtherDrop has practical applications now and may become one of the potential projects with strong growth in future.



Gitcoin Donation:


Current total donation and donors: $7,851 (579 donors in total) (as of March 14)

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