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DeepDAO integrated the on-chain data of DAO governance for projects in various chains, including DAO governance proposals, voting schemes, and project fundamentals, etc. The content of the products can reference the DEFIPULSE.


1. Currently, the developed data functions include: DAO project ranking, DAO token ranking, number of DAO members, number of DAO proposals, and the KOL ranking of DAO, etc.

2. DeepDAO launched the “DAO Member Ranking”, ranking members based on their times of participation in on-chain DAO governance and proposals, which is equivalent to the “biography” of DAO and could shorten the matching process between projects and active members in the community.

3. At present, there is still FOMO space for the DAO market. Binance launched the OM, which is one of the signals that the head CEX focuses on the DAO concept. As the “DEFIPULSE” of the DAO market, DeepDAO may become a good supporter in the blue ocean of the DAO market.



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May update depend on the development of the DAO concept.


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