Another Possibility of the Metaverse Big Bang — LUKSO

LUKSO is a domain-specific blockchain infrastructure that provides a range of standards and solutions for both the physical and digital economies. Founded by former Ethereum engineers Fabian Vogelsteller (creator of ERC-20, ERC-725) and Marjorie, Lukso allows developers and creatives to determine the distribution of lifestyle wealth and influence, have common public profiles, create digital identities and certificates, and build tokenized communities.

LUKSO’s goal is to create a new set of apps that focus on fashion, gaming, creativity and life cases.

Figure1. LUKSO



LUSKO was co-founded by Fabian Vogelsteller and Marjorie Hernandez. It is consulted by 21 successful people in the industry, including Nike VP and Chanel Europe PRESIDENT.

  • Fabian Vogelsteller is a former Ethereum developer who created LUKSO, the blockchain for the new digital lifestyle. He is also the builder of Web3.js.
  • Marjorie Hernandez is a brand architect and a successful entrepreneur who founded and led EY’s Innovation Lab in Berlin before LUSKO. She also worked as an art director in Europe before becoming a brand strategist for Swiss and German brands.

LUKSO Blockchain

In February of this year, after repeated development, experimentation and testing, the architecture of the LUKSO mainnet was finally confirmed. This architecture not only brings compatibility to the Ethereum space and its tools through EVM execution, but also enables the use of the most advanced and decentralized proof of claim algorithm in operation today: Casper FFG — the only PoS system that can run over 70K validators. By combining the execution environment (Catalyst) with the beacon chain running Casper FFG, LUKSO could become the first ETH2.0 blockchain to execute smart contracts, even before Ethereum itself.

Product Matrix


Creative professionals are able to tap an alternative source of funding for their projects by offering customized tokens on the LUKSO network to specific crowds of investors, who can in turn allocate their funds to the projects they wish to support.


With mindful consumerism and ethical living on the rise, producers can use LUKSO’s decentralized record of provenance to increase the overall transparency of their practices and to capture the unique stories of their individual products.


Creators can incorporate “smart IP rights” into their physical, digital, and virtual works. They facilitate provenance authentication and anti-counterfeiting; IP transactions; IP right audits; digital rights management and IP clearing.


By establishing digital identities for physical products, creators can enable their digital ownership, continuously gather their unique and singular data history, and have lasting and direct access to their owners. The newfound knowledge about a product redefines its unique value.


The LUKSO blockchain supplements the hyper-real virtual fashion experiences of digital-only lifestyle capsules with a much-needed infrastructure for handling ownership. It allows for real scarcity, accessibility, P2P-transferability, storage, display, and permanence of these new items that are used to clothe digital selves.


The creation of unique digital ownership opens up a new world of collecting and representing virtual creations. Owners of digital fashion items can organize, explore, and present their collections of digital collectibles in LUKSO’s virtual libraries, which are the interfaces to digital ownership in the lifestyle arena.


By creating rule sets and by tokenizing activities on the LUKSO blockchain, lifestyle brands can become ‘experience agencies’ that engage their customers in playful competitions, make products into collectibles, and strengthen authentic IRL interactions.


With LUKSO, both professional services and private owners can set up peer-to-peer sharing economies that bring liquid ownership and collective consumption to the lifestyle community and scale the exchange that characterizes the prognosticated “end of ownership”.


LUKSO allows to management, authenticate, identify, transfer and pay for items in decentralized secondary lifestyle economies. Having safe access to unique physical and digital products enables the community to bring quality craftsmanship in continuous circularity.


LUKSO provides the interaction layer to foster co-creation and peer-production in the lifestyle world. Brands can turn their empowered consumers into participants of the cultural conversation and use their bottom-up input via direct forms of community access.


Announced partners include The Fabricant, WOM Protocol, Arianee, Reflaunt, Authentic and Stake Capital. INATBA and BLOCKCHAIN BUNDESVERBAND are also founding members.


LUKSO blockchain’s native cryptocurrency is “LYX”. An initial total supply of 100,000,000 LYX will be created in genesis blocks and there may be a small block award to incentivize the verifier to generate blocks. It is made available to the public and to stakeholders in the lifestyle field. Buyers will then have collective population ownership of LUKSO’s native currency, independent of the network originator, and can use their LYX on the LUKSO platform.

Since LUKSO has yet to launch its mainnet, it released LYXe on the Ethereum chain, which stands for LYX on Ethereum. They promised to reveal how LYXe would be migrated once the mainnet went live, and that LYXe and LYX would be the same asset.

LUKSO Latest News

Not long ago, LYXe went public on the world-renowned Gate exchange, a symbol of LUKSO’s global reach. While Marjorie was recently named one of the 30 most influential people in the Metaverse, at a time when Facebook couldn’t wait to change its name to Metaverse, the benefits of Marjorie’s influence have been significant.

In addition to LUKSO’s recent appearance at the NFT.NYC conference, the hottest event in the NFT space, Fabian is known as one of the founders of Ethereum. This conference is no doubt to announce to the world that a NFT friendly blockchain is coming to life.

Figure 2. Fabian at the NFT.NYC conference


LUKSO is the first blockchain to combine life, fashion, games and creativity. Unlike other projects or public chains, LUKSO does not blindly emphasize the virtuality of Web3.0, but wants to combine reality with on-chain life to create a new way of life.

It is worth mentioning that the recently popular metaverse concept was proposed after LUKSO. If you think about it carefully, LUKSO’s vision is undoubtedly the metaverse life that people are looking for, but what it does is not to create a metaverse completely independent of reality, but to connect the two worlds together as much as possible. Just as the Chanel you wear in real life still has ownership in its metaverse, so does the NFT of your favorite athlete in real life.

Perhaps the complete metaverse is very far away, but LUKSO, as a link between reality and virtual, makes people see another possibility — integration. Maybe the complete cross-universe contrast will be difficult to be accepted by people at the moment, but the excess of LUKSO will achieve the possibility in the future.

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