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In the transition phase from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, if we use some keywords to summarize, it might be “privacy protection”, “data ownership”, “decentralization”, “interoperability” and so on. The core difference between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 is whether individuals can have control over data and information in the digital world, and at the same time realize valuable Internet interactions.

At the same time, the emergence of Web 3.0 has changed the problem that companies get most of the profits and users get nothing. Users can independently control the personal information data when browsing on the Internet, as well as the choice of ad blocking and so on. They can also earn revenue through content output and personal information data.

Osiris, a Web 3.0 browser provided by Acent, can effectively reduce personal information leakage, achieve effective ad blocking, provide users with exact data privacy protection and so on. Acent has a diversified eco-product matrix, which is able to provide users with a complete new-style Internet usage experience, from the crypto-world portal wallet to the search engine and browser usage.

What is Acent?

Acent aims to provide user-centric Internet technology services by building a token economy that combines a blockchain-based Web 3.0 browser with account pass-throughs.

Acent seamlessly handles blockchain compatibility and activities through its self-designed technical architecture. The core technical framework core mainly includes OCEAN (mainly used to handle transaction latency in Acent ecology), ODIN (mainly used to fully manage optimization and perform processing, including dApp, Game, etc.) and Acent mainnet (Acent mainnet uses POSA and ASAP operation algorithm, users can get ACE tokens rewarded by accumulating Nitro).

Acent Core Product Matrix

In addition, Acent offers a diversified product matrix for users in terms of a new Web3.0 experience, including Eco-Token ACE, Web3.0 browser Osiris, multi-functional wallet MetaWallet, open-source search engine Liberty, dApp application mall dAppstore, etc.

  • Osiris Browser

Osiris Browser is a Web 3.0 browser provided by Acent that combines browser and blockchain to open up new mechanisms of web experience. The browser’s main features include:

1) Privacy Protection

Osiris Browser protects users’ personal information and guarantees that it will not be passed on to any third party. Osiris Browser minimizes the disadvantages of personal information leakage and prevents the occurrence of malicious incidents such as the leakage of users’ personal information caused by the browser.

2) Ad Blocking

Osiris Browser has a built-in ad-blocking feature to provide users with an undisturbed browsing environment. Currently, Osiris Browser can block more than 90% of ads and also ensures that Osiris Browser does not take up a lot of hardware resources, increasing the stability of hardware facilities usage and saving memory to maintain a relatively fast browsing speed.

At the same time, Osiris browser has a reward mechanism for viewing ads, which will reward users for viewing selective ads and motivate them to watch ads and consume products in order to eliminate part of the conflict between users and ad placement and allow users to make their own choices.

3) Quick Browsing

Compared to a typical browser, Osiris Browser is designed to help users achieve a safe and fast browsing experience through privacy protection and ad blocking.

4)Osiris Multi-Chain Wallet

Osiris supports cryptocurrency exchange and storage functions for various main chains, and the multi-functional wallet is also a highlight of the Osiris browser. Users can also implement token stake, DeFi investment and other functions for management.

  • Open Source Search Engine Liberty

The Liberty search engine is a self-developed search engine owned by Osiris Browser that will provide search results directly. At the same time, no information will be collected during the search process without the user’s permission, and the user will be able to filter out factors that are unnecessary and interfere with the speed of the web search.

Osiris Browser will block unnecessary ad pop-ups and provide Liberty Ads for users to freely and selectively view ads, so users can choose whether to view all ads or selectively view free ads to block all ads. It is always based on user experience rather than ads, which is effectively eliminating the direct conflict between advertisers and users.

  • dAppstore

dAppstore is a one-stop platform for all blockchain-related content, allowing users to experience all kinds of blockchain applications with just one click, including DeFi, NFT, games, trading platforms, etc. dAppstore is integrated with Osiris browser to provide users with the most optimized blockchain services. Meanwhile, it combines user-oriented UX/UI and Acent multi-chain wallet technology to support the operation of various web-based applications.

  • Acent Eco Token ACE

ACE is the base currency for all economic activities of Acent ecology, and its main application scenarios include:

1) Users can use ACE to make payments for fees generated by dApp and multi-chain wallet interactions.

2) dApp developers can pay for the costs generated by using the dApp through ACE.

3) Users can use ACE to make payments for ads placed by Liberty Ads.

4) When users exchange cryptocurrencies through the OCEAN system, they can use ACE as the payment medium for the fees.

5) Users will be rewarded with ACE based on platform and content contribution when using Osiris Browser.

Token Distribution and Economic Mechanism

  • ACE Token Distribution

Acent’s eco-token ACE, with a total supply of 2 billion. The reserve portion is 50% (1 billion tokens), the team portion is 10% (200 million tokens), the partner portion is 5% (100 million tokens), the marketing portion is 5% (100 million tokens), the developer portion is 10% (200 million tokens) and the sales portion is 20% (400 million tokens).

For more information on ACE token circulation data and market performance, and details of the online trading platform:

  • ACE Token Economic

Acent provides a differentiated token economy model for users in the Web 3.0 era, mainly including:

1) ACE is the core payment medium in the Acent ecosystem and is the common currency for any interaction of all products.

2) ACE has a wide range of application scenarios, including transactions, economic activities and fee payments.

3) ACE plays a key role through OCEAN and ODIN, linking many products and technical components of the ecosystem.

4) Nitro is a payment fee for the Acent ecosystem, similar to the GAS fee on ETH.

5) ACE will reward users who participate in the interactions of the Acent ecology.

6) dApp developers can use ACE as one of the payment methods for dApp services.

7) Work with dAppstore to optimize the blockchain.

Team Introduction

Sean Kim, Founder and CEO of Acent, has over 8 years of practical IT experience and over 3 years of blockchain experience, and is the founder of Osiris Browser.

Angella Kim, the co-founder of Acent and CEO of Vice, has over 4 years of experience in blockchain-related business and has been involved in many famous blockchain-related overseas projects around the world, covering trading platforms, games and many other popular fields. She is also an advisor of Korea Blockchain Content Association and Korea Mobile Games Association.`

Shin Daisuke, CTO of Acent, has over 16 years of development experience in the telecom field and has worked on and run over 180 projects including AT&T, Motorola, Intel and Coca-Cola.

Project Roadmap

According to the official Roadmap given by the project (updated on September 28, 2021), most of the project progress from 2021 Q1-Q4 has been completed, and some project progress has also been deferred to 2022 Q1-Q2. The main project work for Q1-Q2 2022 contains the DeFi protocol for Acent cryptocurrency exchange, Acent MetaWallet multi-currency aggregation swap integration, OCEAN integration with Osiris Odin game module, Liberty Metasearch Engine beta release, etc.

Overall, the Acent project is on track to complete its roadmap in 2021, and the expected progress of the project in 2022 is relatively clear.


The Internet era is gradually transitioning to the Web 3.0 stage, where users are able to take full ownership of information and have the right to manage the data they generate, while also being able to generate revenue as content creators, with gradually increasing selectivity.

In this process, users are able to have absolute control over whether they want to sell/rent their data and parts of their information, or whether they accept the influence of external information (such as advertising, etc.). Acent and its multi-core ecological products that are derived from it can provide users with an easy, convenient and secure Web3 experience to the maximum degree, from multi-chain wallets to blockchain applications and then to Web3.0 browsers to achieve a complete usage loop.

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Sharing expertise. Building a relationship. We intend to provide you a better experience in the crypto market.