Wootrade: Wootrade & MDEX hold a joint event.

Subsocial: CoinMarketCap published a Subsocial research article.

Phala: Phala launched the PoC-4 test network, introduced the privacy grade mechanism.

Akropolis: voting ends on the AIP-010 proposal for the ADEL to AKRO swap proportion.

Bifrost: Bifrost upgraded new brand.

TrustBase: TrustBase and HECO reached a cooperation to help the development of the ecosystem.


1/ Wootrade listed the Bancor token BNT, while WOO has passed the Bancor DAO vote and is successfully launched on Bancor mining.

Leading Players into Blockchain Play To Earn Gaming World


REVV is the ERC-20 utility token powering blockchain motorsport games created by Animoca Brands, currently including two titles, F1® Delta Time and MotoGP™ Ignition, as well as upcoming titles such as Formula E. There are currently over 25,000 F1® Delta NFTs Time trading in the secondary market, with a total trading volume of 10,714 ETH, ranking 2nd for the sports NFT projects in OpenSea.


Name: REVV Motorsport

Token: REVV

Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 REVV

Website: https://www.revvmotorsport.com/

Check Price and Circulating Market Info.: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/revv


● Abundant Product Ecosystem

● Experienced Team and Advisors


Wootrade: Wootrade releases the 2021 Q1 Report.

Marble.Cards: The LD Capital, investor of Marble.Cards, established an NFT fund.

Phala: Phala supports the Zenlink DEX Test Network.

Akropolis: Akropolis fixes network bugs and informs yearn team.

Bifrost: Bifrost Dapp Beta and Asgard CC4 test network is released.

TrustBase: TrustBase launched node recruitment to prepare for parachain slot auction.


1/ Wootrade released the 2021 Q1 Quarterly Report, introducing Q1 project development.

More information: Wootrade Quarterly Report

HappyBlock Interviews the Core Developers of ShardingDAO

NFT Trigger A Passionate Debate, How to Avoid Silence?

Recently, the NFT market is hot, with single works and projects setting off public discussion frequently. GoogleTrends shows that the search volume of NFT exceeded the search volume of Crypto for a while. Especially on March 11, Christie’s sold the NFT work “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for about RMB 450 million, which became a representative of NFT “become wildly known”. NFT is undoubtedly the most significant hot topic in the crypto market, with the popularity of NFT, more and more investors are getting involved in the NFT field, trying to…


Wootrade: Wootrade releases Wooracle, a DeFi Oracle.

xDeFi: xDeFi starts the liquidity mining.

Phala: Phala is testing the Rococo parachain slot queue.

Akropolis: Akro held a MEME community event in partnership with HappyBlock.

Bifrost: Bifrost launched vETH holding airdrop and DODO liquidity incentivization.

TrustBase: TrustBase reached a partnership with Phala.


1/ The Wootrade released the AMM series article AMM Series 3: 5 Minutes to Read What is On-Chain Liquidity and “Tradable Quotes””.


Wootrade: Wootrade has participated in the Marlin Protocol, a sub-pool of SushiSwap.

XDeFi: XDeFi will have an auction on PentaLaunch.

Phala Network: Phala released the NFT token — Phala Privacy Pill.

Akropolis: AKRO team started the swap of ADEL to vAKRO.

Litentry: Litentry launches LIT/REEF stake campaign on Reef Bonds.

TrustBase: TrustBase reached cooperation with Idavoll, Ares, and others.


1/ Wootrade will be integrated into the Mirin protocol, a sub-pool on the SushiSwap. The WOO token will be added to the Onsen to bring more revenue for liquidity providers.

More information: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzU3NjQzNzc2NA==&mid=2247484723&idx=1&sn=4f29b2628dbb21fcea329271915bda83&scene=21#wechat_redirect


DeepDAO integrated the on-chain data of DAO governance for projects in various chains, including DAO governance proposals, voting schemes, and project fundamentals, etc. The content of the products can reference the DEFIPULSE.


1. Currently, the developed data functions include: DAO project ranking, DAO token ranking, number of DAO members, number of DAO proposals, and the KOL ranking of DAO, etc.

2. DeepDAO launched the “DAO Member Ranking”, ranking members based on their times of participation in on-chain DAO governance and proposals, which is equivalent to the “biography” of DAO and could shorten the matching process between projects and active members…


EtherDrops is a Telegram bot that supports BSC and Ethereum, giving users real-time alerts on wallet address, token information including DEX transactions, CEX announcement, and various data of derivatives and liquidity pools. The EtherDrops was developed from 2018, currently has a relatively mature product and plugin support as well as a large user base.


1. ERC-20 and BSC whale address monitoring

2. Uniswap, SushiSwap, and other DEX LP changes alerts

3. Transactions in DEX

4. Token price notification

5. Gas price reference


1. The project has a reliable user base, with practical product features that address the difficulties for traders…


Wootrade: WOO completed the second monthly repurchase and burn.

XDeFi: XDeFi closed the seed round investment.

Phala: Huobi Global launched PHA perpetual contract trading & PHA mining event.

Akropolis: AKRO ranked in the top 10 of Polkadot ecosystem-development activation.

Bifrost: Bifrost reached partnerships with two Polkadot ecosystem projects, Phala and Apron.

TrustBase: TrustBase released a community Q&A article.


1/ WOO has completed the second monthly repurchase & burn, burned 817,564 WOO, and the total number of 6,063,331 WOO burned in the two monthly repurchases.


Wootrade: Wootrade published the February Monthly Report, and expects to launch the WOO X Beta at the end of March.

Mask Network: Mask has officially listed on Transak, a fiat aggregator.

Phala: Huobi Futures launched the PHA/USDT perpetual contract.

Akropolis: The swap of ADEL and AKRO has officially started.

Litentry: Litentry has been submitted as a registrar on the Kusama.

TrustBase: The CC2 testnet has accessed to Rococo V1


1/ Wootrade team completed the finalization of the WOO X in February and will launch the Beta version at the end of March. …


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